My camera is my paintbrush …….

I have been wanting to learn painting but I guess it’s not my skills so I have decided to use my camera instead.

With slower shutter speed and the right amount of aperture, and tilting/shaking the camera – VOILA !!!

I did what I wanted to achieve like the one above but after so many tries then finally I created an object that resembles a painting – if not almost  & not quite though still, I have a smile on my face looking at it – that’s what matters for me.

I’m excited to share with you guys another series of these in my next blog.

I hope you like as much as I do.  I’m here to learn so any suggestions or advise is very much appreciated.

But, not a violent reaction guys be civil if you have some comments, lolz!

Thank you!





I love photography & I would like to share my passion with everyone. I know I'm still in the learning process but willing to endure till I find my core.

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