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It’s wonderful, I love the colors it’s vibrant.

Caroline Street Blog

He [God] spoke and galaxies whirled into place, stars burned in the heavens, and planets began orbiting their suns – words of awesome, unlimited, unleashed power.  He spoke again and the waters and lands were filled with plants and creatures, running, swimming, growing, multiplying – words of animating, breathing, pulsing life.  Again he spoke and man and woman were formed, thinking, speaking and loving – words of personal and creative glory.  Eternal, infinite, unlimited – He was, is and always will be the maker and Lord of all that exists”. (Introduction to John. NIV. LAB)

Creation. Genesis 1: 1-31

Creation First Day Light MP - Copy Creation Day 1. Light.  Oil on canvas. 

Creation Second Day Sky and Sea MP - Copy (2)   Creation Day 2. Sky and Sea. Oil on canvas.

Creation Third Day, Land, Trees, Seed, Small Creation Day 3.  Trees, Seeds and Fruits.  Oil on canvas. 

Creation Fourth Day MP copy Creation Day 4. Sun, Moon and Stars. Oil on canvas. 

Creation 5th Day. Sea Creatures and Birds, Small Creation Day 5.  Sea Creatures and Birds. Oil on canvas.  

Creation Day Six. Land Creatures and Man Copy Day 6. Land…

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I love photography & I would like to share my passion with everyone. I know I'm still in the learning process but willing to endure till I find my core.

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