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Through the Eyes of a Punjabi Kids


I had a chance to capture their innocence through my lens when I traveled to Amritsar, India.

They were full of happiness, curiosity, and enthusiasm – just like the other kids. But what separates them from the others was their sincerity in dealing with a stranger. This happened when I was at the temple. At that time I was waiting for my friend who left for a while. I was in the pool, their sacred pool – just standing looking at them while bathing.

One kid approached me and playfully asking questions to his delight, and then the two kids joined the conversation. We were talking as if we were friends for a long time and had just reunited again.

I could feel their sincerity in talking with me because I could see the glow in their eyes and they were laughing till their hearts out.

Since I had my DSLR with me, they asked me if I could take pictures of them. And I gladly said to them “yes” by all means.

They have asked me also if they could have a copy of these photos as a remembrance of our acquaintance jokingly.

I realized after that incident that If only we can retain the good traits of a child even if we grew up for sure we have a better world to live in.

There’s no fighting for a material possession – there’s no greed and selfishness.

Through them, the world is a big playground with no pretensions, and it’s full of fun.


I love photography & I would like to share my passion with everyone. I know I'm still in the learning process but willing to endure till I find my core.

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