A New Found ðŸ’•


In the pursuit of writing a substantial blog for the past weeks since its inception. I did a research and readings. I read a book which before I didn’t do. I even make a system for myself such as how to allocate time for reading, writing (that’s include journaling), doing some household chores and having fun and of course photo walks – I learned to squeeze my time in short.

Unlike before that, I was idle doing nothing aside from the usual routine of being an overseas foreign worker.

Now, I learned how to maximize my time. I become systematic and more productive so to speak. And I’m eager to wake up each day.

Just like when you’re in love and inspired. Most of you would agree to this because somehow we fell in love.

Even during in-between my works I keep thinking of how to improve myself with my blog. I even bring my laptop on my side whenever I have free time I would search a photo that I’d like to blog about.

I found blogging as an expression of myself through the photos that I have taken and it helps me open up my horizon in the form of creative writing.

I know I’m still in the learning stage but what matter most is it bring POSITIVITY and HAPPINESS to me. The joy within myself even to see ‘one like’ of the post. Knowing that there’s someone out there that gives affirmation of what I’m saying.

I know it sounds crazy and shallow or cliche if you called it that way – but that’s what I felt. The feeling of falling in love.

Why I’m saying this because I want to be vulnerable. I want you to see myself within. To be open through my blogs.

I’m hoping that you too may find happiness and positivity in whatever you’re doing right now regardless of what other person is thinking or saying.

Aside from photography is my passion, writing (blogging) now is my new found love – it goes hand-in-hand I guess. It is just that one cannot live without the other.


I love photography & I would like to share my passion with everyone. I know I'm still in the learning process but willing to endure till I find my core.

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