Shadow of a Man

Are you afraid of your own shadow?

What did you see in your shadow?

What are your secrets?

Do you have dark secrets?


Every man has its dark side – it is by nature.

It is the embodiment of the dark side of human nature.

Each one of us has its own struggle in dealing with our own demons.

Each one of us has its own shadow.

Some of us we try to hide it through the darkness.

Some of us were brave enough to let their shadow show.

It differs from person to person, somehow.

By nature, we have our demons inside.

It is fighting within us; sometimes it is within our guard.

But most of the times it’s on the loose

That caused us to make some stupid things

And I’m sure you know what I’m talking about

I don’t need to elaborate one by one.

See yourself deeply.

I know mine – I hope you know yours too.

Just don’t let our shadow overcast us; let the light shine upon us.

Then we can see our true selves when we let our shadow to be seen.

We must reveal and face it.


Stay tuned for more insightful photos, thank you!!!


I love photography & I would like to share my passion with everyone. I know I'm still in the learning process but willing to endure till I find my core.

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