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Two Pairs of Sweethearts at Lake Sevan

What a coincidence, my lens captured these two pairs enjoying the view from above,

We can’t blame them because indeed the place is captivating and nostalgic.

They were savoring the moments spent together.

For sure it will be a beautiful one.

Armenia Captures my Heart

I had the chance yesterday to witness with the oldest church in Armenia though it was tiring due to it was a long trip but it’s worthy mentally and spiritually. Being able to see and stand the ground where this Church built it’s already a blessing and I am grateful.

Not to mention the breathtaking view of the surroundings is a plus thus being mesmerized by the gift of nature. 

As long as I live I won’t forget this chance it will be forever cherish. I’m Longing to come back if God allows. 

Oh Armenia when will I see you again as I bid goodbye to you today. 

ts’testut’ yun Armenia.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Blue

I took this picture when I had my vacay in my home country – The Philippines.

This was shot specifically in Oslob Cebu when we had our family outing way back it was an overnight stay in one of the resort.

It was fun filled family gatherings and full of happy memories.

A little trivia Oslob is known for whale sightings and it’s internationally recognized. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture this magnificent sea creature because not most of the time they are visible. Perhaps next time.

A Photo a Week Challenge: From Above and below

For this Week Challenge I guess it goes with our perspective in life – that’s how I perceived.

We need to look at it from that point of view to be more appreciative and be grateful. We all know that there were times that were on top and also were at the bottom.

In all circumstances we need to smile despite of all the difficulties in life.

This is one of the underpass here in Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Life is beautiful

It has been more than a week that I’m not active in blogging. Honestly I failed to keep my promise to post two times per week and I felt guilty about it.

Anyhow recently I have the chance again to capture this sunset view just a little bit to inspired me to blog again.

I’m hoping guys that we still keep smiling even though that there were times that it’s really hard to.

Keep clicking, life is beautiful!!!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Bridges

As you can see the water is serene I do hope that we all too in whatever state In our life we are in right now – we are at peace and happy. We may learned to forgave someone who wronged us and say that “it’s water under the bridge” and move on because life is too short to hold grudges.

Shadow of a Man

Are you afraid of your own shadow?

What did you see in your shadow?

What are your secrets?

Do you have dark secrets?


Every man has its dark side – it is by nature.

It is the embodiment of the dark side of human nature.

Each one of us has its own struggle in dealing with our own demons.

Each one of us has its own shadow.

Some of us we try to hide it through the darkness.

Some of us were brave enough to let their shadow show.

It differs from person to person, somehow.

By nature, we have our demons inside.

It is fighting within us; sometimes it is within our guard.

But most of the times it’s on the loose

That caused us to make some stupid things

And I’m sure you know what I’m talking about

I don’t need to elaborate one by one.

See yourself deeply.

I know mine – I hope you know yours too.

Just don’t let our shadow overcast us; let the light shine upon us.

Then we can see our true selves when we let our shadow to be seen.

We must reveal and face it.


Stay tuned for more insightful photos, thank you!!!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Reflection

This photo was taken inside the park of Dubai Media City. It’s a place where all tech companies located such as IBM, Apple, Dell and etc.

I was having a photo walk when I took this one and it was almost night time. It’s a long exposure with a tripod of course to make it sharp as much as possible.

This is my contribution to Ms. Nancy Weekly Challenge.

I do hope you find it pleasing.

Have fun and keep on clicking😄!!!