A Photo a Week Challenge: Through Glass

What a coincidence I just took this picture the other day without realizing that it is the theme for this week not until I read your post Ms.Nancy.

Since this is a blog I’m obligated to say something.

By the way before I begin to say this is a spontaneous so forgave me.

So here it is.

It’s myself through this mirror, it’s a reflection of who I am.

Sometimes we don’t recognized ourselves maybe because we are preoccupied of the things we obsessed too much to have.

To remind us we need to look at ourselves deeply and ponder what we really want in life.

Is it Money? Power? Love? Family?, etc…

Think what makes us truly happy – a real happiness – a lasting happiness.

Then that’s the only way we can attain peace and happiness.

That Child within Me

At that moment the scene that I had just captured somehow reconnect and bolted me that awaken the child within me.


India and Philippines are not different categorically speaking, we belong in one continent which is Asia – we are third world country as other countries would look us that way.

As I click the shutter of my camera it spins 360 degrees in a split of a second in a backward motion. There were flashes of light that brought me back years ago as vividly as I could visualize. It reminds me of my early childhood on that instant.

And it unfolds right then and then as my memories recollected.


Just like the child in the photo, we were wandering outside our house. We were waiting for our mother to come home and longs for her presence.

I grew up in a poor family. My mother used to have a stall in a market. She was a fish vendor. We were eight siblings. My father didn’t have any regular job. We were dependent all our financial needs on my mother’s earnings. We were struggling to meet both ends.

My mother was not in our home most of the time because she was in the market the whole day selling fish. She only comes home during the afternoon and late at night, and then leaves our home at dawn to collect the fish.

And I saw myself on that child instantly.

Staring at the child on my viewfinder I know with high hopes that someday he will reach his dreams. With the help of the family and the community, he will then become the beacon of light to his family and others – beaming to others to strive harder to reach their dreams too.

Because despite all adversaries in life, we didn’t lose hope and consequently it strengthened us to reach our goal to make our lives better. We strive harder to the point that even there’s no money we still like to go to school. With our perseverance and determination, we were able to finish our studies and earned our degree.

On that note, being in a third world country doesn’t mean that we cannot reach our dreams and aspiration because as long as we have the WILL, PERSEVERANCE, FAITH, and AMBITION to make a change in our lives – there are no reasons that we will not achieve it.

A New Found 💕


In the pursuit of writing a substantial blog for the past weeks since its inception. I did a research and readings. I read a book which before I didn’t do. I even make a system for myself such as how to allocate time for reading, writing (that’s include journaling), doing some household chores and having fun and of course photo walks – I learned to squeeze my time in short.

Unlike before that, I was idle doing nothing aside from the usual routine of being an overseas foreign worker.

Now, I learned how to maximize my time. I become systematic and more productive so to speak. And I’m eager to wake up each day.

Just like when you’re in love and inspired. Most of you would agree to this because somehow we fell in love.

Even during in-between my works I keep thinking of how to improve myself with my blog. I even bring my laptop on my side whenever I have free time I would search a photo that I’d like to blog about.

I found blogging as an expression of myself through the photos that I have taken and it helps me open up my horizon in the form of creative writing.

I know I’m still in the learning stage but what matter most is it bring POSITIVITY and HAPPINESS to me. The joy within myself even to see ‘one like’ of the post. Knowing that there’s someone out there that gives affirmation of what I’m saying.

I know it sounds crazy and shallow or cliche if you called it that way – but that’s what I felt. The feeling of falling in love.

Why I’m saying this because I want to be vulnerable. I want you to see myself within. To be open through my blogs.

I’m hoping that you too may find happiness and positivity in whatever you’re doing right now regardless of what other person is thinking or saying.

Aside from photography is my passion, writing (blogging) now is my new found love – it goes hand-in-hand I guess. It is just that one cannot live without the other.

Street Photography – Amritsar, India

I know its not related to my post.

But I need to insert this to express my gratitude.

I don’t want to be cheesy.

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU!

Because yesterday was my 1st month since the inception and I am very grateful to have a supporter like YOU.

Your response is overwhelming.

Thank you once again.

And now,

Through my lens will bring you to the city of Amritsar, India.

As you watch the pictures ………………

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do hope that you will get something from it, perhaps a REALIZATION.

And would appreciate life more, and be contented of what you have.



Stay tuned for more insightful photos, Thank You !!!

Through the Eyes of a Punjabi Kids


I had a chance to capture their innocence through my lens when I traveled to Amritsar, India.

They were full of happiness, curiosity, and enthusiasm – just like the other kids. But what separates them from the others was their sincerity in dealing with a stranger. This happened when I was at the temple. At that time I was waiting for my friend who left for a while. I was in the pool, their sacred pool – just standing looking at them while bathing.

One kid approached me and playfully asking questions to his delight, and then the two kids joined the conversation. We were talking as if we were friends for a long time and had just reunited again.

I could feel their sincerity in talking with me because I could see the glow in their eyes and they were laughing till their hearts out.

Since I had my DSLR with me, they asked me if I could take pictures of them. And I gladly said to them “yes” by all means.

They have asked me also if they could have a copy of these photos as a remembrance of our acquaintance jokingly.

I realized after that incident that If only we can retain the good traits of a child even if we grew up for sure we have a better world to live in.

There’s no fighting for a material possession – there’s no greed and selfishness.

Through them, the world is a big playground with no pretensions, and it’s full of fun.

How We Become Friends


It was again in one of my photowalks in the Corniche Park when I bumped these two.

The park is near to my place and also it is near to the beach as well. I love the surroundings that’s why I always go to this park.

And there’s no other place where you can relax and be with nature in this country.

I was walking and busy looking for some good spots to take photos.

When suddenly these two guys called me and approached me from out of nowhere. I was surprised because I don’t know them. All along they were watching me from a distance.

Then, they told me if I could take a photo of them. They were enthusiastic to have their photos taken. I was just smiling and without hesitation, I agree.

I said to myself – what a coincidence? I badly needed a portrait for my portfolio and here they are. By the way, I’m shy to ask someone to take their photographs I rather used a scenery or an object as my subject.

It took several shots until I got a perfect one.

I requested their consent first before I put in my portfolio and use it in my social media accounts. Because If there’s none it will be a violation of privacy and there are legal proceedings here in the UAE.

Before we parted ways, we exchanged social media account and I “tag” them.

It was a coincidence.

That’s how we became friends.


Location: Shot in Fujairah, UAE.

Aperture: F/5.6

Shutter Speed: 1/640s

ISO: 100

Exposure Comp: -0.3EV


For me, the photo signifies suffering. Each one of us has its own thorn figuratively speaking.

These are the questions that I might ask you:

Who is your thorn?

What is your thorn?

The thorn has its adverse effects – it solely depends on how you will deal with it and look at it.

Because either it could make you a better person or it could make you a worse person.

The choice is within ourselves.

That’s why it is important to have a right disposition so that you can handle your suffering with a right attitude and from a wider perspective.

Use your suffering in a positive way; used it as a driving force – channel it in the right direction to alleviate whatever problems or difficulties you may have.

Just like what you see in the photo, behind the thorn there’s a clear sky.

Same with what we are experiencing in every difficult situation or problems always think that there will be clear skies – there’s always a solution.

In every suffering, there will be an end.

And indeed your life would be better because you were strengthened by your thorn and able to surpass it.


Stay tuned for more insightful photos. Thank You. !!!

A Man’s Vision


As you walk along the path;

Everything seems to be slow and vague

You are wondering why?


You used to walk fast

Fast that you ignore others

Fast that you don’t care

If you hurt someone or not.


Now, it seems it’s blurry and slow

Then you realize that

Life is not used to be

You become fragile & weakened.


Thinking – It’s time to amend

It’s time to care and be forgiving

Coz you might know when

Your time will end.


Stay tuned for more insightful photos. Thank You 🙏!!!



Take a look.

What comes to your mind? – what would be your caption if you are in my shoes.

As a photographer, you know what – it’s not easy to give a caption for each photo you have taken.

But needless to say – we have to – to give justification.

I captioned my photo as OBSESSION.

Maybe am right or maybe am wrong? – Or you might not agree with me at all.

Or perhaps you might say I’m wrong or might say am right.

No worries – it is fine I understand.

Because I know by science (science?..what a heck I’m talking about!)  – seriously each one of us has different perspective-different opinions. My opinion might not the same as yours. But we do respect each other opinion as a courtesy and live civilly (sounds heavy though).

But I know and you know as well that in some part of the world they are fighting because of varied perspectives/opinions. Insisting that they are right and the other is wrong until conflicts begin. No! I won’t talk much about it – it’s not my cup of tea.

As they are saying, we are entitled to our own opinion – no matter what whether it’s good or bad. That’s it.

Enough to that – let’s move on.

OBSESSION because as I look at it – the little red flower which for me signifies Obsession that is empowering over the three black stone though little BUT it has a strong impact to the stones that can overshadow its presence and adds beauty to it.

Just like our emotion – our OBSESSION, it can have a massive impact once we are obsessed– it will motivate us to do things beyond the norms – beyond we can comprehend or imagine.

Bottom line here, it really depends on how you look at it and convey the message to the viewers in a way that can be understood no matter how varied our perspective or opinion is.

By speaking to that – I hope that you understand the message I’m trying to express and the justification it needs.


Stay tuned for more insightful photos. THANK YOU 🙏!!!